Innovative Non-Invasive Direct
Nose-to-Brain Delivery

Technology and Applications

SipNose’s intranasal drug delivery platform uses an innovative mechanism that improves efficacy, patient compliance and safety. SipNose offers variety of devices that are designed and adapted to fit a wide range of therapeutic applications.

SipNose devices ensure accurate dose delivery via the nasal cavity and incorporate simple but efficient mechanisms to allow better localization of aerosolized drug in the olfactory epithelium and or the trigeminal nerve that results in better absorption to the olfactory bulb and brain.

Advantages of SipNose Devices Over Current Devices Include:

Efficient delivery for a wide range of therapeutic needs; Direct to Brain, Systemic, Immunization, etc. 
Reproducible, consistent dosing
Applicable for wide range of formulations: liquids and dry powders, small and large molecules including biologics and cells
Optional mixing of powders and liquids upon activation
No lung absorption and no dripping
Non-invasive, suitable for all patients with high compliance
Reusable or one-time use devices

Products for everyday of emergency use

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