• Israeli headquarters with US presence.
  • SipNose is based on a professional and experienced team that combines expertise in technology, engineering, medical applications and science together with managing and product development proficiency.

Dr. Iris Shichor

Mr. Daniel Shahaf

Ofer Barshem

Dr. Liron Hadar



VP Strategy & BD

VP Product Development and RA

Dr. Shichor brings to SipNose her extensive experience in leading research and development programs and managing product development projects from concept to product.Dr. Shichor holds a Ph.D. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with strong expertise in biochemistry and physiology, neuroscience and drug delivery systems.Before co-founding SipNose, Dr. Shichor was VP R&D at ClearFarma.Her previous experience includes a post-doctoral fellowship in the laboratory of Prof. Robert Langer (Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology (HST) where she focused on controlled release local anesthetic formulations, and a position as a senior scientist and project leader at NanoCyte Ltd. where she developed an innovative platform technology for transdermal delivery.

Mr. Daniel Shahaf brings to SipNose years of extensive experience as a successful inventor, developer and entrepreneur in the field of medical platforms for the human respiratory system. Mr. Shahaf brings a vast understanding of stress elimination significance in respiratory drug applications. Prior to co-founding SipNose, Mr. Shahaf lead the development and engineering of several projects in the field of nanotechnology based diagnostics at the Alfred Man institute at the Technion institute of technology, Israel. Mr. Shahaf brings a vast experience in managing product development projects and consulting in a broad range of industrial projects around the world. Education: Animal physiology- the faculty of agriculture, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Ofer brings to SipNose his vast business experience, starting at Johnson & Johnson, as sales representative, product specialist & eventually marketing & Biz Dev manager. With the deep understanding of the markets, sales excellence & strategic planning capabilities he gained in 8 years in this global corporation, Ofer decided to relocate to the fast-moving Israeli startup ecosystem.  Ofer’s experience includes leading Medical Market Bridge (MMB), a privately held company, that did both planning & execution of GoTo Market strategies for medical device startups. At MMB Ofer managed the launch of several products, then built & managed global distribution networks.  Ofer’s fundraising experience started when he led the marketing department of a private real-estate investment company, that raised several million USD every year. In 2019 Ofer played a major role in the management team of OrthoSpace, that was acquired by Stryker for USD 220M. As VP of sales & marketing, he led a strong double-digit growth in 3 consecutive years, & increased brand awareness and company positioning that led to the meaningful exit.  Having worked in both corporate & startups, & with a wide spectrum of medical fields & technologies, Ofer gained experience & knowledge to supports SipNose reach its business goals.

Dr. Liron Hadar brings to SipNose her extensive multidisciplinary knowhow in global project management and system development of medical devices and combination products. Dr. Hadar holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the Technion– Israel Institute of Technology. Following her Ph.D. Liron was a postdocoral fellow at the Biomedical Engineering department at the Technion, at the Tissue Engineering laboratory. Prior joining SipNose Dr. Hadar served as the CEO of Gynamics and RapiDx, start-ups developing medical devices. Before that Dr. Hadar served as the R&D Director at SmartZyme Biopharma, Director of Engineering and New Products Development at LabStyle (Dario Health) and R&D Manager at Medingo, a company acquired by Roche.H

Lia Kaufman

Dana Geva

Dr. Lior Itzhaki

Production Manager

Mrs. Kaufman brings to SipNose her extensive experience in managing production processes in industrial environments, both for biotech and high-tech industries. Mrs. Kaufman brings her vast experience in adapting solutions to various interfaces. Mrs. Kaufman is a Practical engineer in her training and in her previous roles she managed production and operation, and was actively involved in the technological development of production processes and transfer to production activities, maintaining quality in compliance with the company’s goals. Prior joining SipNose, Mrs. Kaufman served as Operation Manager at Scopustech LTD. and as Production and Operation Manager at MTRE (acquired by Mennen Medical).


Project Leader

Mrs. Dana Geva brings to SipNose her vast experience in development processes, meeting customers’ needs, high-tech R&D, and working with international companies. Prior joining SipNose, Dana served as a Director of R&D at Xagan Data Fusion, Israel. Before that she served at additional roles such as a Technical Product Manager at AIS Israel and R&D OEM Manager at Citrix Dana holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Technion– Israel Institute of Technology and a ME in Bio Medical Engineering, also from the Technion.

Senior Intellectual Property

Dr. Lior Itzhaki is an Israeli intellectual property patent attorney with experience of 20 years. She has been a senior partner in the office of Dr. Eyal Bressler, a boutique IP firm. She has vast experience counseling clients on legal and strategic issues related to intellectual property, drafting and prosecuting patent applications, and evaluating intellectual property for due diligence analyses and freedom to operate opinions. Dr. Itzhaki has prosecuted with a variety of global PTOs a variety of chemical, biochemical, medical and mechanical patents, in a broad spectrum of technologies.

In the past 2 years Dr. Itzhaki has served as Hutchison-Water’s technology fund manager and an IP consultant for all IP issues in all inhouse projects as well as in DDs for the technology fund and Hutchison-Water’s digital health fund (long-live).

Dr. Itzhaki holds a B.Sc. in Chemistry & Computer’s Science, and a Ph.D. in Computational Chemistry both from Bar-Ilan University.

Advisory Board


Susan Alpert, MD. PhD.


Prof. Avraham Karasik, MD


Prof. Tamir Ben-Hur, MD. PhD.


Mr. Eric Keller

Board of Directors

  • Moshe Mizrahy
  • Meir Shamir
  • Iftah Poran
  • Ariel Meyuhas
  • Hadar Ron, PhD

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Professor Avraham Karasik, MD. Formerly head of Endocrinology and past Chairman of Medicine at the Sheba Medical Centre Israel
  • Professor Tamir Ben-Hur, MD. PhD. – Formerly Head of Department of Neurology, Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem.
  • Professor Natan Bornstein, MD. – Head of Stroke Unit, Neurology Department, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center and professor of Neurology at the Tel Aviv University, Sackler Faculty of Medicine.