SipNose Platform

  • SipNose’s intranasal drug delivery platform uses innovative technology that improves efficacy, patient compliance and safety. SipNose offers a variety of devices that are designed and adapted to fit a wide range of therapeutic applications.

  • SipNose devices ensure accurate dose delivery via the nasal cavity and incorporate a simple but efficient mechanism to allow better localization of aerosolized drug in the olfactory epithelium and/or the trigeminal nerve that results in better absorption in the brain.

SipNose Aerosol

SipNose Delivery vs. Standard Nasal Delivery
Plume Geometry Comparison

SipNose delivers substantially more drug to the upper nasal cavity where natural processes allow the drug to enter the central nervous system (CNS) 

Nose to brain

Based on compressed air discharge, SipNose delivers substantially more drug upper nasal cavity, in a readily diffusible form, where natural processes allow the drug to enter the brain 

  • Despite enormous advances in brain research, brain and central nervous system (CNS) disorders remain the world's leading cause of disability, and account for more hospitalizations and prolonged care than most other diseases combined.
  • Although many advanced and effective approaches to brain delivery of drugs have immerged in recent years, delivery of drugs to the central nervous system (CNS) remains a challenge in the development of effective agents for CNS targets, mainly due to the impenetrable nature of the blood brain barrier (BBB). 
  • Various approaches, such as BBB disruption, invasive intrathecally administration, implantable infusion systems, targeted delivery and drug delivery vehicles, have not yet been shown to be safe and effective for delivering chronic treatments to the brain.
  • An increasing number of studies on both animals and human subjects have demonstrated that intranasal drug delivery could be used to deliver therapeutics into the CNS, bypassing the BBB.

Self-developing products and partnerships

SipNose pursues drug device combination products internally and through partnerships with pharma companies
Internal development:

Self-developing products

  • Repurposing of existing drugs with fast track approvals (505(b)(2))
  • Products to address unmet needs for various applications

SipNose collaborates with world leading professionals with proven track records in the fields of biomedical product development and commercialization for

  • Enabling technology for novel molecule therapies
  • Rediscovery of drugs that either failed to cross BBB, exhibited unacceptable systemic toxicity or exhibited side effects
  • Replacing existing nasal delivery with SipNose for 2nd generation products

SipNose Pipeline

Products for Everyday or Emergency Use