COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic - intranasal vaccination

In those globally challenging times, SipNose offers its innovative intranasal delivery product as a superior delivery of anti-viral agents (virucides) and vaccines.  SipNose is seeking to collaborate with companies who have effective drugs or formulations, and which joined the effort to cope with the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

Intranasal vaccination


Mucosal anti-viral prophylaxis treatment or immunization via intranasal (IN) delivery is a safe and highly effective alternative to injectable or oral treatments or immunization for a wide range of transmitted infections and specifically for respiratory infections. The IN route of delivery avoids the use of needles, thereby reducing issues associated with needlestick injuries and disposal, and eliminates first pass liver metabolism. Since most infections affect or start from mucosal surfaces, using a mucosal route of delivery is of great interest to deliver an anti-viral treatment to the site of infection or to induce a protective immune response. Nasal delivery offers an easily accessible route to the infection and to the immune system and offers the option of mass immunization of populations at home and out of clinic by self-administration, avoiding the need of visiting clinics and being exposed to disease carriers, and not exposing health care providers to massive sick/disease carrier population.   

SipNose Superior Delivery

SipNose has developed an innovative IN drug delivery platform that is designed to improve dose delivery, safety, efficacy and compliance for drugs to be delivered via the nasal route. SipNose technology provides a significant improvement to current intranasal devices.

SipNose’s benefits for use in combination with anti-viral agents and vaccines

On top of the general advantages of the IN delivery mentioned, SipNose delivery devices:

  • Have proven effective nasal deposition of active compounds in the anterior and posterior regions of the nose for greater surface coverage and more effective treatment or immunization.
  • Effectively deliver powders and/or liquids at various viscosities.
  • Are capable of delivering high volumes, without dripping to improves dose accuracy and compliance.
  • Allow easy and simple self-administration, allowing mass distribution for home use instead of in-clinic anti-viral treatment or vaccination.
  • Suitable for all populations, including pediatric and geriatric populations.
  • Suitable for delivery of small and large molecules, including proteins and cells.

Moreover, based on SipNose experience in various combination products with our innovative delivery technology, no reformulation is required.  Most formulations that are in development can be used “as is”, to be delivered via the nasal route using the SipNose delivery device.

Intranasal Therapy for Treatment and Prevention